Top 10 King Size Divan Beds Available in UK Market

Top 10 King Size Divan Beds Available in UK Market

The bed is not only a piece of wood, but it is the place where we take naps, sleep, think, nurture our life goals, and spend most of our time with ourselves. Every person has different choices for the bed. In this blog, you will know about the Top 10 King-Size Divan Beds Available in UK Market.

King Size Divan bed sets are mostly larger than other Divan bed sets but smaller than Super King Size Divan Beds. It is usually used by taller people, couples, etc. The size of the King Size Divan bed usually remains 150 cm, 200 cm, and 28.8 cm (Width, Length, and Height). Because of the large size, it covers plenty of space in your room. You will get every detail of this kind of bed set after reading this blog. 

List of Top 10 King-Size Divan Beds Available in UK Market

Here is a complete list of King Size Divan Beds Available in UK Market that you can easily purchase from Divan Factory Outlet UK

W & S Westminster Ortho Divan Bed Set

This bed set is exclusively designed to meet all the needs of comfort for any kind of sleeper. Constructed with high-quality timber to ensure longevity the platform top provides a supportive surface. The bed set comes with a stylish headboard to make a perfect match with the overall look. Not only this, this alluring piece also features storage options with drawers where you can easily keep your essentials. Not only in King Size, this bed set is also available in other sizes.

Walker & Slater Balmoral Sprung Divan Bed Set

Moving ahead to our next and one of the King Size Divan bed Sets which is the Walker & Slater Balmoral Sprung Divan Bed Set. To maintain the durability of this alluring bed set, it is manufactured with top-quality timber, while the anti-slip fabric helps to support and secure any kind of mattress. This bed set also features a matching headboard that will enhance the beauty of your bed set. You don't have to worry about the space to store your goods, because this bed set has drawers where you can easily place and pick your things in your comfort.

Dream Vendor Elegant Pocket Sprung Memory Bed Set

Introducing the most elegant bed set- Dream Vendor Elegant Pocket Sprung Memory Bed Set. This bed set is the real definition of stylish, comfort, and support. The bed base is specially made with top-class timber that has a big contribution to enhancing the durability of the bed set and providing you the long-lasting solace and support. Additionally, this bed set is also available in other UK Sizes like Small Single, Single, Super King, etc. so that the user can select any of them that perfectly fits their room and comfort.

W&S Backcare Orthopeadic Divan Bed Set 

In this fast-paced era, this bed set is becoming the top choice for health-conscious people, especially those who suffer from back pain and want to take healthy care of their back at home. This orthopeadic bed set is specially crafted with high-quality sturdy timber that will make it more durable, offering you the ultimate comfort for your life. To make the bed set more appealing, it comes with a headboard in the perfect size and completes the bed’s look. The bed set also comes with storage options and a choice of fabulous colors and sizes.

Dream Vendor Elite Sprung Divan Bed Set

The black color symbolizes royalty and elegance. If you are thinking about giving a powerful touch to your room decor, then this bed set will be a perfect fit. This dream vendor elite bed set is the black divan bed, which has 1000 individual pocket spring units that are designed to provide the ultimate support to your body. It is specially crafted with the strongest timber to ensure that it will last for years. Not only in King sizes, from small single to super king size you can pick any size that matches your comfort and living space.

W& S Pocket Sprung Pillow Top Divan Bed Set

One of the classic divan bed sets on our list is the W&S Pocket Sprung Pillow Top Divan Bed Set, which is specially manufactured with high-class timber This is the reason that it will stay forever in your room. This versatile piece also comes with an amazing headboard of significant height that is designed to match the overall bed set. The side edges are strong and deep to support any kind of mattress. No doubt this is a king-size bed set, but you can also purchase it according to your convenience as there are other sizes options are also available.

Dream Vendor Brighton Orthopaedic Sprung Divan Bed Set

Uncovering our next exclusive divan bed set which will elevate your normal room to solace paradise. The bed base is made with strong wood that ensures that it will last for decades. From manufacturing to design, the full bed set is so alluring that whenever you glance at it, it will remind you “Yeah! That’s my most worthy investment ever”. Additionally, the side edges have significant depth to secure any type of mattress. Other sizes are also available in this divan bed set that you can easily purchase from a divan factory outlet.

Dream Vendor Bamboo Pocket Sprung Latex Divan Bed Set

Attention Please! To our most gorgeous piece. The bamboo mattress on this bed set has 1000 pocket spring units with ample polyester fillings. Topped with a broad layer of latex for additional support and comfort. The outstanding feature of this divan bed that distinguishes it from the other bed set is that it is made with pure bamboo. Bamboo helps to keep the bed set fresh and alluring by avoiding humidity. This bed set also has storage options so that if there is less space in your room to place your items, you can easily keep them in the drawers.

Walker & Slater Open Coil Dual Season Divan Bed Set

Are you ready to experience dual comfort? Yes, you heard it right. This King-size divan bed set is also available in UK market, whose base is specially crafted with high-class white timber. Strong corners will help to enhance the durability of the bed set. You can select any type of mattress for your stunning bed set without making any additional adjustments because the anti-slip top fabric is here to support and secure all the mattresses. Now come to our Dual comfort factor, This bed set has the dual season feature which means that it will provide you desired comfort on both summer and winter days. “Don’t have enough space in my room. Now, where will I keep my things?”. Don't be sad, because the bed set also comes with drawers where you can easily keep your things.

Westminster Buckingham Divan Bed Set

Lastly, the Westminster Buckingham bed set features a stunning upholstered 26” tall headboard and preassembled footboard, to make a drop-dead perfect contrast with fabric and color. It is crafted with high-quality white timber and solid sides. Super strong corners that ensure the longevity of the bed set. The bed set also comes with an anti-slip top fabric to support any mattress and offer a superior level of solace experience. Drawer options are also available to offer you significant space to store your goods. Not only in King Size, but the bed set is also available in other sizes.


Overall, all the bed sets are specially designed with world-class timber that will make them more durable and provide you with the desired comfort that you expect from your lovely bed. Some of the bed set also contains storage options as well as fabric and color choice. The user can select any divan bed set that fits their convenience. Visit Divan Factory Outlet UK for more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About King Size Divan Beds Available in UK Market

Q1: How many days will it take to deliver?

Ans: Your Divan bed will be delivered in 3-10 working days after you place an order. 

Q2: How can I buy the best King-Size Divan Beds?

Ans: You can easily buy it online from Divan Factory Outlet UK.

Q3: Do these king-size divan beds have drawers?

Ans: Yes, most of the king-size divan beds come with drawer options, where you can easily place your essentials.

 Q4: Can I buy a pocket-sprung mattress online?

Ans: Absolutely, you can buy a pocket-sprung mattress as well as any kind of mattress from Divan Factory Outlet UK.

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