10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends

10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends

Can you imagine your life without having basic needs? Your answer will be a big “No”. The same happens in the case of bed base. You cannot get your desired piece of relaxation without the perfect bed base. that's why you need to be very careful before purchasing the bed base. This blog will help you to find your ideal comfort as it contains 10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends.

The Double Divan Bed base is larger in size and mostly comes with a tall and matching headboard. It also includes drawers where you can easily adjust your essential items like clothes, accessories, etc. You will get to know about many other features after reading this blog.

List of 10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends

The following is a complete list of the 10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas and Latest Trends that are strategically and beautifully designed to offer you a mind-blowing relaxing experience.

Classic Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Are you ready to elevate your room with this beautiful bed base? Of course, yes! This classic divan bed base is specially designed to meet all your needs of desire comfort. The base is constructed with top-quality timber that ensures the longevity of the bed base.

It also features incredible storage options such as drawers so that you can place your items in them. The anti-slip top fabric is there to support any kind of mattress. It includes a 20” tall matching headboard to make the bed base more alluring. Not only in double, the bed base is also available in other sizes.

Tulip Divan Bed base

This bed base is as graceful as the flower tulip. The Tulip Divan bed base is the second topmost double divan base that is trending and becoming every sleeper’s first choice. To increase durability, the base is crafted with high-quality timber, whereas the platform top ensures a smooth supportive surface.

Thanks to the anti-slip top fabric that is always there to support any kind of mattress. The bed base also comes with a matching headboard to make a perfect contrast and enhance the beauty of your room. The bed base is not limited to double size, you can pick any size that fits your comfort and room.

Royal Reinforced Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Introducing the next bed base which is the real definition of stylish and comfort. If you are looking for a strong bed base then this bed base is here for you. The bed base is manufactured with pure and sturdy white timber, which means that it will last for years.

To strengthen the base, it is reinforced at all the edges, top, joints, and corners.  One of the outstanding features of this bed base is that it has the capacity to lift 75 stones including the mattress. The silver chrome glides on the bed base making the bed base more appealing.

Royal Split Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Are you looking for something unique and effortless, then Royal Split Platform Top Divan Bed Base will be a perfect choice for you. The base is specially crafted for those who have a tight staircase, hallway, or narrow doorway to enter the bed inside the living room. The bed base is separated into pieces and easy to resemble to make a flawless entry into the room.

The solid platform offers a strong base for any kind of mattress and gives the desired comfort to the user. The base comes up with amazing choices of fabric, color, and sizes for a cohesive look of the room. The drawer options with significant space will help to make your room clutter-free.

Westminster London Divan Bed Base

Dear Users, we can understand the feeling when you lay down on your bed after working hours and the thing that you only want from your bed is relaxation. To fulfill all desires that you expect from your bed, this bed base is specially made for you.

Crafted with solid timber to enhance longevity, the anti-slip top fabric helps to give the perfect support to any kind of mattress so that you can freely relax without any adjustments. The bed base also comes with a 26” tall classic handcrafted headboard to make a gorgeous combination. It also features a matching pre-assembled footboard that makes a beautiful contrast with the overall bed.

Dream Vendor Sprung Top Divan Bed Base

This bed base is strategically designed to provide you with a superior level of comfort and a good night’s sleep. To make the bed more sturdy and long-lasting it is made with top-class timber and also includes a top layer of 4”  spring units. These springs work as a shock absorber and provide the ultimate cushioned support so that you can experience a sweet and dreamy sleep.

The base features silver chrome glides or castor wheels so that you can move and take it anywhere wherever you want. To solve your storage problem, the base also has drawers where you can place your goods without adjusting them in a narrow space.

Westminster Victoria Divan Bed Base

This Westminster Victoria Divan bed Base comes in two options; Classic and Reinforced. Both are specially designed to meet all the desired requirements of the sleeper that they expect from their bed. Constructed with top-notch quality timber, it can stay with you for a lifetime.

The bed base also comes with an elegant and matching 26” tall fully upholstered headboard and similar artwork on the footboard to give a fancy touch to the bed. How can we forget anti-slip fabric? That is the reason behind providing safety to the base and incredible support to the mattress. Moreover, a variety of colors, fabrics, and size options are available so that the customer can select any that match their taste.

Lily Divan Bed Base

Uncovering our next and lavish bed base - Lily Divan Bed Base. The base is specially designed to keep every minor detail in mind regarding your solace to offer you a relaxing sleeping experience. The base is constructed with the finest quality of timber which means that it will last for a lifetime.

To provide additional support, the platform top has an amazing contribution. You cannot take your eyes off it as this bed base has silver chrome glides on it that make it more stylish and graceful. The base also comes with a headboard that will perfectly match to your bed base. From Double Size to Super King Sizes, there are a lot of size options available on this bed base.

Orchard Divan Base

In our list of 10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends, this bed base is quite extra-ordinary from the others. This Orchard Divan bed base is creatively manufactured with world-class quality timber that guarantees you that it will remain your forever comfort partner, whereas the platform top helps to offer a smooth supportive surface.

The base comes in all UK sizes, vibrant fabric, and color options so that user has access to choose any that match their taste. The base also includes anti-slip top fabric that will not allow the mattress to move and make it secure. This masterful feature comes with a 54-inch floor-standing headboard that will make it more royal.

Dream Vendor Extra Deep Storage Divan Bed Base

Lastly, are you an organized lover who loves the essentials to place in order? But sadly, you are unable to do it, because you don't have enough space in your room. Don’t worry, because this bed base offers plenty of storage space in which you can easily place and pick your things in a disciplined way.

The strong 600-new gas pistons are used to lift up the bed top from one side to give you significant storage options. The solid platform is shielded with excellent anti-slip fabric that will help to secure any kind of mattress, ensuring you the coziest comfort.


The blog aims to offer details about the 10 Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends to users. All of the above bed bases are creatively designed to provide you with a high level of comfort and relaxation. To solve your storage issue, these bed base has drawers where you can place your items without any mess. Not only in double size, these are also available in other UK sizes only on Divan Factory Outlet. Browse the collection, select, and make your purchase.

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Divan Factory never disappoints the customers when it comes to the question of their comfort. We are renowned for delivering top-class quality divan and ottoman bed bases, accessories, bed sets, mattresses, etc. ensuring a solaceful sleeping experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: How can I buy the best Best Double Divan Bed Base Ideas & Latest Trends?

Ans: You can easily buy it online from Divan Factory Outlet UK.

Q2: Can I choose my favorite color before buying the bed base?

Ans: Yes, you can choose any color as there are many stunning color options available in these bed bases.

Q3: How many days will it take to deliver?

Ans: Your Divan bed will be delivered in 3-10 working days after you place an order.

Q4: Do these bed bases come with matching headboards?

Ans: Yes, most of these bed bases come with matching headboards. You can check before placing an order.

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