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Mattresses For SaleWe believe no matter what the most important thing in life is health and for living a healthy life it is essential that you have the best night's sleep which ultimately effect on health. Your functionality throughout the day depends greatly on the mattress you sleep on. A comfortable mattress means healthy sleep and an active body. On average human beings spend one-third of life in bed and all parts of body depend on the sleep. The better you sleep the better your health. We believe this and because of that Divan Factory Outlet provides the range of hand-picked mattresses that provide a good night's sleep. We offer all type of mattresses, from open coil to pocket sprung, natural filled or memory foam, to suit any type of sleeper.

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Types Of Mattresses Available in the UK Market

It is very important to understand the types of mattresses before you select one. Each mattress has different functions and characteristics. By understanding the mattress will give you a better view and helps to choose the specific mattress according to your need. 

1. Open Coil or Bonnell Sprung Mattress

Open coil also called bonnell sprung mattresses are normally cost effective and are the basic mattresses that have the open coil sprung core. There are two types of open coil springs.

  1. 5 Gauge open coil spring
  2. 5 Gauge open coil spring

The 12.5 gauge open coil springs are used in the mattress to provide good firmness. These are normally used by those sleepers who are looking for a firm mattress.

The 13.5 gauge open coil springs are used in the mattresses which provide medium or soft firmness.

2. Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket-sprung mattresses are the most popular because the core of the mattress is pocket sprung which provides full body support. The pocket springs are specially designed to support the full body as they work individually and independently. Pocket Spring provides the highest level of support and prevents any pressure points on the body.

Divan Factory Outlet offers a huge range of pocket-sprung mattresses with different levels of firmness and support.

3. Non-Spring Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlet also offers non-spring mattresses, which consist of full foam layers without having any springs and provide the edge-to-edge body support and these mattresses provide ultimate comfort. These mattresses are proven good and last for a long. These non-spring mattresses come with full high-density foam as well as with memory foam layer.

4. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are also known as combination mattresses. These mattresses are very popular in the modern world and combine with pocket sprung core along with the memory foam layer on top. Some of these mattresses are one-sided and some are double-sided. The double-sided mattresses are better as they have the same filling and memory foam on both sides and can be used on either side. Memory foam mattresses are also good in winter and provide excellent comfort and keep the body warm.

5. Latex Mattresses

These are advanced mattresses and consist of latex foam which provides excellent full-body support and absorbs body pressure. Latex outperformed memory foam in terms of body support and comfort. These mattresses are expensive but good value for money.  

6. Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopedic mattresses are normally used by people who are suffering from back or spine pain and provide great body support. These are firm mattresses and come in extra firmness as well. The basic orthopedic mattress consists of a 12.5 Gauge sprung unit wrapped with traditional firm fillings. 

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5. Pillow Top Mattresses

These are modern mattresses and expensive mattresses. These mattresses are for those who looking for extra comfort. The idea behind the pillow top is to provide an extra layer of high-density or memory foam layer on top of the mattress. That provides extra comfort and coziness. These are good for people who are side sleepers and want extra support for shoulders and neck.

Mattress Fabric, Material, and filling

The mattress fabric is also very important. There are different types of fabric used in mattresses and Divan Factory Outlet provides all types of mattresses with different fabrics. For example, anti-dust, Hyper-allergenic, Breathable, and anti-bacterial fabrics.

The material and filling of the mattresses are also very important when it comes to selection. The support, firmness, durability, and comfort depend upon the fillings. We offer all types of mattresses with all types of fillings. From traditional to advanced, Basic to modern, and Natural to technical, we have all types of mattresses for all kinds of sleepers.

Mattress sizes

Divan Factory Outlet provides all standard mattresses UK sizes which are:

We also provide custom sizes. Please contact 0204-548-5533 to speak to our expert team

Recycling of Old Mattress

If you are not sure what to do with your old mattress, we are here to help and we provide recycling service (Small Charges apply) for old mattresses. We know that getting rid of an old mattress is annoying and challenging. If you use our service, we will deliver the mattress, and same time we take the old one and make sure it is recycled.

Why Choose Us?

We won’t be beaten on price and quality. We pride ourselves on our quality products, Made in the UK with the great attention of our experienced craftsmen. All our divan beds are high quality at competitive prices. We Won’t be beaten on quality or price.

We also pride ourselves on our fast premium delivery. We provide the two-man premium room of choice delivery.

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