The following tools will be required: Rubber mallet, large flat screwdriver, and crosshead screwdriver and pliers.

Important note

Please note we recommend two people to complete the assembly process as some divans with drawer storage or divan ottoman storage bases are heavy. some very important instructions in taking care of your new bed to get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

Step 1)
Please take the packaging off carefully not to damage the divan bed base. Use the plier to take off all the cardboard protectors and staples to avoid injury.

(Note: Please recycle any packaging appropriately)
Take off the fixings from the divan bases, which will be in a bag attached to the divan bed base.

Removing fabric drawer straps- These straps are to hold the drawers during transit.

Cut the center of the drawer strap to release the drawer. Cut the remaining drawer strap so the draw can easily open.

Step 2)

Attaching Legs or Castors/Glides

Castor or Glides
Turn each half of the base upside down and clear the pre-drilled holes gently with a screwdriver. Push each caster/glider gently with the rubber mallet into a pre-drilled hole, on completion turn the bases back the right way round, and connect the two halves either with U-clips or Link bars (explained below.

IMPORTANT: do not use a metal hammer or cut object as it may cause damage to the divan base, castor/ glide. Please remember excessive force is NOT required.

Wooden legs
Screw in the legs and do not over tighten

Step 3A)

Joining Two-Part Bases
If your divan base is in two parts, please use the appropriate process as detailed below

Divan Base with Linking Bars

Depending on your purchase you should have received casters or gliders, U-clips or Link bars (only available with some beds) and headboard bolts (if headboard purchased).

The linking bar screw holes are close to where the two halves of the bases meet, screw one side with the link bar, then the other side, making sure that the link bar is loose enough to allow the open end to be guided over the screw then hand tight both ends. Repeat the process on the other side.

(If your divan base comes with U-clips please follow the instructions below)

Step 3B)

Divan Base with U-Clips

Put the two bases on the sides and align them straight. Put the U-Clips in using a rubber mallet, where the two flat ends meet so the U-clips hold the two parts firmly.

Step 4)

Fitting the headboard

place the mattress on top of the base, locate the headboard bolts and the position on the base where the bolts need to be placed (you may need to use a screwdriver to pierce holes for the bolts to go into) screw the bolts insufficiently, glide the headboard arms onto the bolts between the base and the plastic washer and then tighten the bolts to hold the headboard in place.


  • After putting the Glides/castors on put the two pieces down and push them together, making sure there’s no gap in between.
  • Insert the clips to secure two pieces together. Some ottomans come with short bolts to secure the two halves.
  • Fully open the lid.
  • Link the two lids together with bolts provided.
  • Now attach the gas pistons with the screws provided.
  • Now close the ottoman. The first time the gas pistons feel stiff (which is completely normal) and opening and closing a few times will make it easier.
  • Place the mattress while the lid is closed.


The mattresses have been manufactured with very generous layers of fillings for your comfort so initially, some slight hollowing may appear on the sleeping side of the mattress. This is nothing to worry about this is normal as it is caused by the compacting under your body weight of the fillings encased inside the mattress and this is not sagging springs. Gradually all the fillings will compress to an even level all over the sleeping side of the mattress and it is important to carry out simple procedures to aid this process.



Pocket Sprung mattresses are heavy, it is advised that one should seek assistance to rotating the mattress to avoid injury. Jumping or standing on your bed can cause damage and do not allow children to use the bed as a trampoline as this is dangerous and will damage the bed. Rolling or bending the mattress will cause the mattress perimeter rod-edge to lose its stability.


We highly recommend using an under blanket / breathable protector on your mattress as the mattress needs to breathe to eliminate possible condensation. Do not use plastic sheets or PVC bags as this stops the mattress from breathing. It is a good idea to air the mattress regularly to prolong the life of your mattress and keep it fresh and odor-free.


Sprung mattresses have substantial upholstery fillings which need turning regularly to ensure even settlement across
the whole of the sleeping surface. Rotate once a week from head to feet for three months and then once a month.

With the Pillow top mattresses, only the top needs to be turned.
The non-turn mattresses can only be rotated 180 degrees once a month (as the upholstery is only on one side hence must not be turned over).
The warm and cool mattresses are seasonal and during each season you need to rotate them 180 degrees.


Mattresses are by design (deliberately) manufactured shorter than the base to accommodate the thickness of the headboard and the linen.
The mattress may compact during storage and transport and may appear short however this is nothing to worry about as it will conform to its original dimensions.

It is good practice to regularly use a soft brush to brush down any dust and fluff off the mattress and never use a vacuum cleaner. Stains and spillages should be absorbed using a dry cloth or household paper towel products. Sponging may be done with a damp cloth, mild solution of water, and soap.


The Pocket Springs is designed to contour individually to the contours of the body giving even support and in the same way, they follow the contours of the base, so it is very important to have a suitable sound base. If a base has slats, greater than a 75mm gap then a baseboard must be used. Old bases may look or appear to be sound but, in most cases, they are not and reduce the life of the mattress.