Divan Factory Outlet offers Stylish, Plain, Designed Floor Standing Upholstered Headboards in UK at the Most Affordable Prices. Upto 50% off

Headboards UK - Primarily used as a support for bed bases, headboards for beds also set the aesthetic vibe of your bedroom. This is exactly why the trend to buy unique and plush headboards is on the rise, as people today care about aesthetics more than ever!

Divan Factory Outlet presents UK-manufactured bed headboards to suit traditional as well as modern bedroom interior setups. Available in different styles, heights, fabrics, and colours, these fully upholstered headboards cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of the UK bedroom furniture market. 

This bedroom furniture covers all varieties of UK size bed bases and can be attached to them without hassle.

Divan Factory Outlet offers different types of premium quality headboards. From floor standing headboard to floor standing winged headboard, We have a superb choice of designs, colours, and fabrics. All our headboards are made with high quality materials and craftsmen's attention. We have a huge selection of upholstered headboards to match all your needs and tastes.

Plain Matching Headboards

Most classic, traditional, simple but stylish headboard, covered with high density foam and excellent choice of fabrics and colours. These come in different sizes and heights. The 20” and 26” tall, upholstered headboards come with wooden legs and are adjustable.

Upholstered Headboards With Adjustable Wooden Legs 

We have a complete selection of upholstered headboards. Hand-picked the best designs and made of premium quality materials and fabrics. Headboards with wooden legs come to attach, and some have the choice of matching fabric tufted buttons or diamantes.

Floor Standing Headboards

Floor standing headboards are those that sit directly on the floor and are separate from the bed. These headboards also come in different heights, and we offer two heights (50” tall and 54” tall). All these headboards come in a superb choice of fabrics and colours. The designs we offer are the most popular and can be part of any type of room décor. Floor standing headboards are ready to use and can easily attach to the bed with bolts.

Winged Floor Standing Headboards

Same as the floor standing, the only difference is these headboards are modern and have wings with them. The wings are fully upholstered and fixed with the main headboard. These headboards are slightly bigger the normal floor standing headboards and consumes about 3-4” extra space. Our winged floor standing headboards only come in 54” height but we can also do custom made, according to your requirement.

Custom Made Headboards

We also do the custom-made headboards like double size headboards, king size headboards, single headboards etc. Please feel free to contact us on 0204-548-5533

Headboard Sizes

Divan factory Outlet provides all standard UK sizes which are:

  • 2FT 6” (Small Single Headboard)
  • 3FT (Single Headboard)
  • 4FT (Small Double Headboards)
  • 4FT 6” (Standard Double Headboards)
  • 5FT (King Size Headboards)
  • 6FT (Super King Size Headboards)

We also provide custom sizes. Please contact 0204-548-5533 to speak to our expert team

Why Choose Us

We won’t be beaten on price and quality. We pride ourselves on our quality products, Made in the UK with the great attention of our experienced craftsmen. All our headboards are high quality at competitive prices. We Won’t be beaten on quality or price.

We also pride ourselves on our fast premium delivery. We provide the two-man premium room of choice delivery.

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If you are still not sure or have any questions, please contact our expert team to help you. Contact us on 0204-548-5533 or email us at info@divanfactoryoutlet.co.uk

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