Small Single Headboards 

Divan Factory Outlet brings its vast customers 2ft 6in headboards in the UK that are available in several fabrics, and colours. These are all small single headboards manufactured in Britain with detailed precision and attention to detail. These headboards are 75 centimetres in width, 137 centimetres in height, and 6.5 centimetres in width. The bedroom you have been dreaming of should come up with an elegant bed to showcase stylishness in design and preferences in life which is unique to everyone else. Divan Factory outlet provides affordable modern upholstered sleek designs. Various headboards match different sizes of beds as well as varying tastes of individuals. Create that design that will make your friends admire it by selecting amazing colours that will add aesthetic value to your room with inspiration from these words. Divan Factory Outlet showcases these modern and durable headboards everywhere in the United Kingdom. It looks fashionable when a small single headboard is matched up with an ottoman divan bed base. The tailor-made style of an ottoman divan bed set with a headboard looks opulent and elegant. When you're reading or watching TV in bed, these sophisticated and fine headboards make sure you're snug and comfortable. These UK-made headboards offer extra support when you're sitting.


Unique Collection of Small Single Headboards in the UK

Divan Factory Outlet has a wide selection of floor-standing headboards, which come in different colours and materials. These opulent small single headboards are stylish and contemporary; the colours range from bright and exciting to vibrant solid tones ranging from luxurious plush velvet materials to high-quality wool fabric. These UK-built headboards inspire elegance and opulence in your bedrooms that will make them look stylish and unique.


Benefits of Small Single Headboards

Divan Factory Outlet’s small single headboards in the UK have numerous benefits for users. They ensure that their pillows remain beneath their heads and sitting up to read a book or use computers to watch TV becomes much easier when they rest on these floor-standing headboards. These prime UK-built floor-standing headboards are perfect for hospitals, care homes, or users with disabilities to provide them with a secure sleeping experience. The UK-made headboards of Divan Factory Outlet give support to the beds. They help in preventing damage to our walls because they are placed between the wall and the bed. To avoid hitting their head on the wall while sleeping very deeply, the user should have this protective headboard. They serve to keep warmth in and reduce heat loss helping the user stay warm and more comfortable. Free-standing headboards from Divan Factory Outlet can help decorate bedrooms beautifully.


​Selection of the Ideal Small Single Headboards in the UK

Divan Factory Outlet's range of 2ft 6 headboards comes in various materials and styles and can be fitted to most beds. The best feature about our fabric upholstered headboards is that they can easily bring vibrant colour to a room and complement your existing decor. A soft and padded upholstered small single headboard is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to watch TV  or read in bed, ensuring you're as comfortable sitting up as you are lying down.


How much will a Small Single Headboard cost?

The United Kingdom’s Divan Factory Outlet offers luxurious Small single headboards ranging from £69.99 – £209.99 depending on individual preferences. Get the best headboard available in the United Kingdom here.

Buy 2ft 6 Headboards From Divan Factory Outlet

Divan Factory Outlets are popularly known for providing quality Divan Bed Sets ranging from Electric Bed Bases, and Divan Ottoman Bed Bases to luxurious Headboards And High-Quality Mattresses. All the products that our store provides are sleek, stylish, and comfortable. These 2ft 6in headboards in the UK bring the customer comfort and the support they need with satisfaction guaranteed. The products made by Divan Factory Outlet are made with scrupulous attention to detail to ensure durability and offer the user the ultimate comfort and relaxation in the United Kingdom. Customise these premium floor-standing headboards to add a touch of style to your bedroom today. Divan Factory Outlet's customisation option helps the user to customise headboards, beds, and mattresses according to their requirements, and budget. It allows the user to choose their headboards according to their style preferences and sizes for their bed frames while giving them the liberty they desire. Our store provides quick order processing coupled with free 2-man nationwide delivery all over the country setting up their room without a worry in the world, with no extra cost and easy assembly.

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