Floor Standing Headboards 

Divan Factory Outlet brings its vast customer base the ideal addition of free standing headboards to your bedroom available in a wide range of sizes, fabrics and colours. Bring beautiful elegance to your bed and showcase your bedroom according to your personal style and unique preference. Whether you are looking for an upholstered modern sleek design to a timeless classic design our store provides it all to suit every budget and personalise need. These headboards are made in the United Kingdom meticulously designed with attention to detail. These headboards are crafted with premium material and fabric to be long lasting and durable. Transform your bedroom to your liking and inspire people with the sense of design you bring.

Divan Factory Outlet provides these sleek and sturdy headboards all across the United Kingdom. These floor standing headboards can be coordinated with divan bed bases. Headboards have become a necessity to express a unique style statement of your divan bed set. These elegant and sleek headboards keep you cosy and provide extra support while sitting up in bed whether you are reading or watching television. These headboards keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Sizes of Floor Standing Headboards in the UK

Divan Factory Outlet headboards are available in various sizes from small single to small double sizes excellent for children’s rooms from double size beds for couples to super king size beds for the bigger and grander bedrooms. All the user needs to do is to match the frame size to the headboard size so that it can attach properly. For example, a king size bed base needs a king size headboard. 

Benefits of Free Standing Headboards

Divan Factory Outlet’s headboards provide various benefits to the user. These UK-made headboards bring stability and integrity to your bed bases. These stylish floor headboards create a physical barrier between the wall and the bed. This can keep your walls free from being marked or damaged. This can help prevent the user from hitting their head on the wall during deep slumber because of the padded headboard. These floor headboards can help you remain warmer, and cosier by reducing heat release. These modern headboards keep your pillow secure under your head. These floor standing headboards help you support the user when they are sitting up reading a book, watching television or doing work in bed. These headboards are designed to be very useful in hospitals, care homes or for sleepers with health conditions and/or disabilities in need of a more durable frame. Divan Factory Outlet’s free standing headboards are also an inspiring eye-catching option for decor and can provide an aesthetic look in the bedroom. 

Diverse Selection of Headboards

Divan Factory Outlet brings a diverse selection of floor standing headboards in the UK with more than 35 colours and fabrics in different sizes and heights. These sleek modern upholstered headboards are available in premium plush velvet to prime wool fabric that are durable and sturdy and available in many exciting and vibrant colours. These sleek floor headboards are all about bringing inspiring elegance to your bedrooms. Let your imaginations and ideas run wild and create the unique look that your bedroom deserves. 

Get Your Free Standing Headboards From Divan Factory Outlet

Divan factory outlets are renowned for offering premium bed bases like electric bed bases and Divan ottoman bed bases. All of the products that the store offers are top in not only style but it is of high quality and comfort. These UK built floor standing headboards provide the customer with comfort and the support they need with satisfaction guaranteed. Divan Factory Outlet makes its products meticulously with attention to detail to ensure durability and provide the user with the ultimate source of comfort and relaxation. Customise these floor standing headboards in the UK to bring elegance to your bedroom today. Get fast processing of orders along with free 2-man nationwide delivery all over the UK for setting up their room without a worry in the world, with no extra cost and easy assembly. With customisation options, it gives the user the freedom they want to tailor their headboards, bed and mattresses according to their personal needs, budgets, and style preferences from selecting the perfect sizes according to their bed frames.

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