Small Double Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlets provide 4ft small double mattresses that are perfect for teenagers who need extra room or for a couple that has limited space. These UK-made small double bed mattresses help the user save room and are available in various comfort grades and mattress types. These small double bed mattresses are 120 centimetres in width, 190 centimetres in length, and 26 centimetres in depth. A small double mattress can fit on a double bed frame depending on the mattress and the bed but it will not be a perfect fit and may cause problems in the future. So choosing the right mattress depends on the right measurement and information. Divan factory outlet offers the information you need to know what sizes and types of small double bed mattresses are available in the United Kingdom to provide you with the ultimate night’s sleep of comfort.   


Selecting Your Next 4ft Small Double Mattresses UK

There are several different 4ft small double mattresses, crafted meticulously with fineness and great attention to detail. These UK-made mattresses are designed in various comfort grades from soft to extra firm. So selecting your next mattress depends on your sleeping position and preference. If you like to sleep on your back or front you should select a firmer option to get a good night’s sleep. If you like to be snugged and cosy while sleeping on your side you should select a softer option for the users that like to shift their sleeping positions Divan factory outlet provides medium firm options. So select your next small double mattress according to your sleeping needs and preferences.   

Variety of Small Double Mattress

The finest small double mattress depends on the user’s sleeping position, budget, and preferences. Choose from a wide variety of 4-foot small double mattresses and buy small double mattresses with Divan Factory Outlet today. 

Small Double ​Pocket Sprung

If you're looking for Pocket Sprung mattresses, Divan Factory Outlets offers a variety of options for its customers. These small double mattresses have springs that react to your body movements in the United Kingdom, providing support and comfort for a full night's sleep. With options ranging from soft to medium, firm, and extra firm comfort levels, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Small Double Orthopaedic

At Divan Factory Outlets, you can find small double Orthopaedic Mattresses that are filled with premium materials to provide both support and comfort for a luxurious feeling on your back. These UK-made mattresses offer a medium to firm comfort grade, ensuring a good night's sleep. These small double bed mattresses are also anti-slip and easy to clean. These mattresses help in reducing body pressure and providing the user with a deep sleeping experience.

Small Double Latex

At Divan Factory Outlet, we have a range of 4ft small double mattresses to suit your preferences. Our small double latex mattresses are designed with natural latex that responds to your movements, providing medium to firmer comfort for a restful sleep.

Small Double Pillow Top

For those seeking luxury, our Pillow Top small double mattresses offer extra comfort and cosiness with a softer to medium-firm rating. Made in the United Kingdom, these mattresses are easy to care for and do not require flipping.

Small Double Open Coil

Experience an enchanting night's sleep with our open coil small double mattress. Designed for uniform distribution, you'll feel snug and cosy all night long. Divan Factory Outlet’s small double mattress is exclusively made in the United Kingdom and provides additional support with deep cushioning, making it a great choice for those dealing with back pain. Choose these soft to medium-firm grade mattresses for a comfortable and restful sleep.

What are the prices of Small Double Mattresses?

Divan Factory Outlet provides small double durable mattresses according to every budget and needs, helping the user experience a blissful deep slumber. Our store provides small double bed mattresses from £ 179.99 to £ 859.99. Buy your next small double mattress in the UK according to your budget and preference.

Divan Factory Outlet -Best Small Double Mattresses in the UK 

Divan Factory Outlet brings users a wide selection of bed bases, including divan bed bases and electric bed bases options, along with a collection of durable mattresses ranging from small to small double sizes to super king sizes. These UK-built 4 foot small double mattresses provide exceptional comfort, support, and quality for users to rest comfortably and peacefully. Crafted in the UK with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, these products are guaranteed to satisfy. Purchase your small double mattress from the Divan Factory Outlet for quick processing and expert 2-man delivery nationwide.

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