Super King Size Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlets brings exclusive UK-built Super King mattresses. Super King mattress is a 6ft mattress with a 180-centimetre width, a 200-centimetre length, and a 26-centimetre depth. It is the largest size available in the United Kingdom. If you have an abundant floor space in your bedroom then you should opt for a Super King Size bed with a mattress that brings your room to life. This will be the luxurious centre piece of bringing vibrance and comfort to your bedroom. It is the best choice for couples or two people who share a bed to spread out and get a good night’s sleep. Drift away to sleep with the comfort and support these large mattresses provide.    

Types of Super King Mattresses in the UK

Orthopaedic Super King Mattress

Divan Factory Outlets provide Super King Orthopaedic Mattresses that are filled with premium material to provide base support and comfort to create a luxurious feeling to the user’s back. With a medium to firm comfort support. These UK-made mattresses ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. These are antistatic which reduces body pressure and provides the ideal deep sleeping experience.  

Pocket Sprung Super King Mattress

Divan Factory Outlets gives its wide customers a selection of Pocket Sprung Super King mattresses that have springs that react independently to your motion and movement to provide a supportive and comfortable full night's sleep with a soft to medium to firm and extra firm comfort support. Divan Factory Outlet mattresses help their user's body weight spread out evenly and prevent disturbance caused by your partner’s tossing and turning.

Latex Super King Mattress

Divan Factory Outlet brings latex super king mattresses that are deeply layered with a natural latex source that reacts directly to the motion and movements in sleeping positions. It provides medium to firmer comfort and offers a wonderful sleeping experience with great support.

Pillow Top Super King Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlet offers luxury comfort with a wide selection of Super King Pillow Top Mattresses. These UK-made mattresses provide extra comfort and cosiness for users who prefer a cushioned and cosy feeling during their deep slumber with a softer to medium-firm rating. These mattresses are easy to care for and do not need to be flipped.    

Select the Best Super King Mattress for you

Selecting the ideal 6ft mattress depends on your sleeping position and preference. If you like to sleep on your side, you should consider a soft or medium comfort grade Super King mattress. Divan Factory outlet Super King size mattresses give vital support, relieving pressure on joints during sleep. For users that shift position regularly while they are deep in sleep a medium comfort grade is the best choice for them. If you prefer changing sleeping positions throughout the night a Super King memory mattress is the perfect choice for you because it conforms to your body shape and regardless of the sleeping position the user remains comfortable and cosy enriching the sleeping experience of the user. If you prefer to sleep on your front or your back, a firm or very firm mattress is the best comfort grade for you. These well-built mattresses spread your body weight uniformly than a softer mattress helping to ease pressure and provide support to your spine and joints. Providing spinal alignment to give a wonderful sleeping experience. Choose the best Super King mattress for you according to this information in your mind. 

Super King Size Mattress Prices

The price of Divan Factory Outlet Super King Mattresses in the UK differs depending on the type and brand. Our store mattresses start from £289.99 and go up to £1019.99 so there is an option to suit every user’s budget and preference/  

How does Divan Factory Outlet deliver these Finest Super King Mattresses in the UK? 

Divan Factory Outlet offers a wide range of bed bases like the divan bed base or the electric bed base along with a vast variety of top-quality mattresses available from small to Super King size mattresses in size that offer the best comfort, support, and quality to the user helping them drift away comfortable to deep slumber with satisfaction guaranteed. These products are made exclusively in the United Kingdom and crafted meticulously with great attention to detail with premium material and fabric. Get these mattresses from the Divan factory outlet and enjoy fast processing of your purchase along with an expert 2-man nationwide delivery all across the UK from setting up the room without any extra charge hassle-free. Divan Factory Outlet provides the freedom to the user with unique customisation options to tailor their bed and mattresses according to their budget, needs, and preferences from choosing the perfect size or firmness level. Browse around and let us deliver it right to your doorstep without any difficulty.

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