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Divan Factory Outlet is the people trust when it comes to purchasing single mattresses in the UK. With an extensive collection of durable single size mattresses that are perfect for every sleeping position, user needs, and budget. These single bed mattresses are 90 centimetres in width, 190 centimetres in length, and 18 centimetres in depth. Divan Factory Outlets provides the best space-saving solutions in the United Kingdom for those users with limited space or narrow rooms. These UK-made single-bed mattresses are made from high-quality material and fabric making them durable and reliable. Divan Factory Outlet's single-bed mattresses are the best option for smaller beds, especially for the kids and the guest room. Put your kids to sleep easier and let them feel snug and cosy in these single-bed mattresses. Combine these single size mattresses with our classic ottoman storage bed base to provide more space to store and make the room more compact and spacious. These single-bed mattresses are available in different materials and in different comfort grades to suit everyone’s unique preference. Browse around and find the unique collection of 3ft single mattresses and choose the one that caters to your every need. We have got something for everyone.


Various Types of Single Mattresses in the UK

There are various types of 3ft single mattresses available in the United Kingdom. Take a look at the different single mattress types that Divan Factory Outlet provides: 

Open Coil Single Mattresses:

Divan Factory Outlets offers affordable single open coil mattresses if you are on a budget building your kid’s room or your guest room has never been so easy. These UK-built open-coil mattresses help alleviate back pain and keep your spine straight throughout the night. Enjoy deep slumber like never before. 

Orthopaedic Single Mattresses:

Divan Factory Outlets provides single orthopaedic mattresses that provide support and comfort giving the user’s back relief. Available in a medium to firm comfort support. These premium single orthopaedic mattresses have anti-slippery characteristics and reduce body pressure helping you sleep comfortably all night long. 

Pocket Sprung Single Mattresses:

3ft single Pocket Sprung Mattresses are the ideal option for those who want their mattress to respond to their body shape. Each spring individually provides comfort and support. These UK-built mattresses have temperature-regulating properties and the springs uniformly distribute body weight keeping the user sleeping well and comfortable throughout the night. They are available in all comfort grades from soft to extra firm. 

Pillow Top Single Mattresses:

Divan Factory Outlet offers opulent comfort and support with a wide collection of Single pillow top mattresses that provide extra comfort and cosiness for users that love to be snug and cushioned throughout the night. These plush mattresses are available in softer to medium comfort grade.

Latex Single Mattresses:

Divan Factory Outlets provides these natural single latex mattresses that are hypoallergenic keeping the user safe from allergens. These latex mattresses are a popular choice among the eco-conscious users. These UK-made supreme latex single mattresses are the perfect choice for users who want to relieve acute pain. Available in medium to firmer comfort grade.   


Select The Best Single Mattress 

Divan Factory Outlet offers high-quality premium single mattresses that you can select from. It all depends on your sleeping position and your comfort grade preference. If you like to sleep on your side the soft comfort grade is the answer to a comfortable night’s sleep. If you like to shift position throughout the night the medium comfort grade is the perfect option for a good night’s sleep. If you like to sleep on your front or back a firm comfort grade mattress keeps your spine aligned. Enjoy deep sleep that relieves body pressure and rejuvenates the user in the morning. So buy the right single mattress in the UK according to your needs and budget.


How much does a Single Mattress cost? 

Divan Factory Outlet provides a wide range of single mattresses in the UK in different price ranges suited for every budget. Our store offers these high-quality mattresses from £139.99 to £699.99. Select the best single mattress for you and let Divan Factory Outlet bring comfort and convenience to your doorstep.

Why Purchase the Best Single Mattress from Divan Factory Outlet?

Divan Factory Outlet! provides a wide selection of beds and mattresses and is all about luxury and quality. Our top-notch single mattresses are made for a good night's sleep, guaranteeing customer happiness. Each mattress is meticulously made to last, with personalised choices to enhance your sleeping experience. Pick from various bed frames like the Divan Ottoman bed base or the electric bed base. Pair these single mattresses with the popular ottoman bed base creating more space for your room Get your hands on these amazing mattresses from Divan Factory Outlet for speedy delivery and free 2-man shipping throughout the UK. Our customisation choices allow customers in the United Kingdom to tailor-make their beds and mattresses to their liking.

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