Open Coil Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlets provides the best open coil mattress made exclusively in the United Kingdom to help provide users with a blissful and well-rested night’s sleep. These coil sprung mattresses provide uniform weight distribution making the user feel comfortable, snug, and cosy throughout the night. These open coil sprung mattresses aid in reducing aches and pains. Our store has a variety of options of fitness to choose from, made for every sleeping style and preference. From soft and deep cushioned to firmer options that provide additional support. Divan factory outlet's open coil design is an excellent option for those users who suffer from back pain. Divan Factory Outlets provide premium mattresses that are meticulously made with every attention to detail with a soft luxurious feel and made with fabrics that are durable and soft to the touch. Enjoy a new level of comfort and support with these open mattresses today.    

Sizes of Open Coil Sprung Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlet’s traditional open coil design mattress is available in a wide range of sizes available for every room space and every user's need. The small single and single open coil design mattress is an excellent choice for children's rooms and guest rooms or where there is limited space. The small double mattress design is for couples who have small rooms or individuals who like the extra space to unwind and enjoy a nice night's sleep. The Divan Factory outlet's double open sprung mattress design is the perfect choice for couples who want to enjoy a comfortable sleep together. The king-size mattress and the super king-size mattress are the perfect choice for any large bedroom making it the centre of attention offering luxurious sleep with the ultimate comfort and support.    

What are the benefits of Open Coil Mattresses?

Affordable Prices: If you are in the market for a mattress that doesn't burden your pocket the traditional UK-built open coil design offers comfort at an inexpensive price.

Hypoallergenic: Divan Factory Outlet’s open coil design is made to resist moisture. These mattresses are kept dry to avoid the growth of mould and mildew making them allergy-free.

Provides Back Support: Divan Factory Outlet’s open coil designs offer great additional support as the springs uniformly distribute your body weight and relieve overall pressure from where you need it most. These open coil sprung mattresses are supremely supportive and are designed to take care of the user’s back promoting a healthy posture and relieving the different pressure points. These open coil designs are often used in orthopaedic mattresses.

Greater Spinal alignment: These open coil design mattresses help align the spine and straighten your posture leading to less aching joints in the morning. Making the user feel refreshed after a good night's sleep.

Lightweight: Traditional sprung mattresses are quite lightweight making them easy to turn or flip without causing a strain on your back.

Durability: Open coil mattress is made from sturdy material that can withstand the wear and tear of the day to day activity making them durable and reliable for the foreseeable future.

Temperature Regulations: These open coil design mattresses are breathable and are perfect for both summer and winter seasons. In the summer it keeps you cool while in the winter it keeps you warm. 

Firmness Level of Open Coil Mattress

Divan Factory Outlets provides the best open coil mattress available in different firm grades from the deep cushioned soft to medium firm grade giving you support along with the deep comfort helping you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Divan Factory Outlets coil mattresses also offer firmer options that provide the perfect back support along with comfort to help you relax and unwind. Making your sleeping experience that much better compared to the pocket sprung mattress or the memory foam mattress.    

Why Purchase the Open Coil Mattress from Divan Factory Outlet?

At the Divan factory outlets, you can find a variety of beds and mattresses that represent comfort and excellence. The best open coil mattresses are designed to provide quality sleep and comfort throughout the night, ensuring customer satisfaction. Each mattress is carefully crafted for reliability and longevity, with customisable options to elevate your bedding experience with different bed frames to choose from like the Divan bed base or the ever-popular Ottoman divan base. Purchase these mattresses from the Divan factory outlet for quick order processing and complimentary 2-man delivery across the UK. Our customisation choices allow customers in the United Kingdom to personalise their beds and mattresses to their liking.

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