Latex Bed Mattresses

Most people struggle to get comfortable or they feel too hot when they call it a night resulting in sleepless nights. Let us put these sleeping issues to bed once and for all with Divan Factory outlet's best latex mattresses in the UK. Latex bed mattresses are well known for giving comfort and support to your body after a long day. Let your body unwind and relax, and enjoy a good night's sleep on these fine-quality latex mattresses. Crafted with prime quality organic materials establish durability and longer stability of products. Divan Factory outlets fathom how important sleep is to every individual’s health and well-being. These fine latex mattresses are the toppers in the British bedding industry. These naturally sourced eco-friendly mattresses are best in allergy season and keep you safe from bacteria and other harmful allergens.  

The Benefits of Best Latex Mattresses

Eco-friendly Material: These latex mattresses are environmentally friendly as the latex material is harvested from rubber plants and does not harm trees.

Acute Pain Reliever: If you suffer from any acute joint or back pain, buy latex mattresses to relieve these pains and find the relaxing sleep you need. These natural pain-relieving latex mattresses are what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Durability: The Latex material Divan uses is highly durable and resilient compared to other materials.

Hypoallergenic Properties:  These premium latex mattresses are made from top-quality material that has non-absorbent and moisture-proof properties. This keeps you safe from mould, mildew, and dust mites from penetrating the mattress surface.

Less Motion Disturbance: These latex mattresses keep motions isolated. If you sleep with a partner this feature will keep you safe from any motion disturbance and keep you sleeping without interruptions.

Temperature Regulator: These latex bed mattresses regulate temperature by preventing excessive heat build-up and keeping you cool. Latex bed mattresses are responsive to body temperature, providing warmth during the cold months and coolness in the summer. They are considered the best choice in the United Kingdom for a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

What are the various types of Latex Bed Mattresses?

Conventional spring latex mattresses and Pocket sprung latex mattresses are the types of latex mattresses available in the UK. It is all about the type of spring that is placed underneath the latex.

How to Pick the Ideal Latex Mattresses in the UK?

Selecting the ideal latex mattress is of utmost importance when it comes to selecting the right latex mattress it all depends on your personal preference and choice. Whether you prefer a medium or a medium to firmer comfort support with a soft luxurious top or a soft quilted top with deep memory foam with hypoallergenic and cooling properties.

We have a wide range of size selections to make sure you get what you are looking for. From small single to double size to super king mattresses, we have all the variants available in our inventory. The latex mattress seamlessly conforms to various popular bed bases, whether you have a divan bed base or a divan ottoman base, ensuring compatibility with both. You can expect the Divan factory outlet to provide you with the best latex mattresses that are high in quality and durability.

Explore one of our top-selling latex mattresses, the Contour 3000 Pocket Sprung Latex Mattress. Its core consists of a 3000 individual pocket spring unit, offering an ideal foundation complemented by a latex top layer and deep wool filling on both sides. Hand tufted construction and air vents enhance the mattress and make it an excellent choice.

What is the price range of the latex mattresses offered by Divan Factory Outlet?

Our inventory boasts an extensive range of latex mattresses, meticulously curated to cater to a diverse clientele. With prices ranging from £270 to as high as £700, we ensure that there's something for everyone, regardless of budget constraints. This commitment to inclusivity underscores our dedication to providing Optimal comfort without sacrificing quality. Our selection offers the perfect balance of value and luxury to meet your specific needs.

Why Get Your Next Latex Bed Mattress From Divan Factory Outlet?

Divan factory outlets offer a wide range of beds and mattresses that symbolise comfort and quality. These latex mattresses are all about giving their customers quality and comfort simultaneously with satisfaction guaranteed. Crafted meticulously to ensure reliability and durability tailor-made options take the bed to the whole next level. Buy latex mattresses from the Divan factory outlet and get fast processing of your orders along with premium free 2-man nationwide delivery all over the UK for setting up their room hassle-free without any extra cost or charge.

We have customisation options that give the customer the freedom to tailor their bed and mattresses according to their needs, budgets, and preferences from selecting the perfect sizes or the firmness level. 

Browse around and select the ideal latex mattress according to your personal needs and preferences today and let us bring convenience to your doorstep.

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