King Size Mattresses in the UK 

Divan Factory Outlet provides its loyal customers with a wide collection of spacious 5ft King Size Mattresses available in the United Kingdom. These mattresses provide users with a luxurious and comfortable sleep for a couple or provide one user with a large space to stretch and spread out all night. This UK-built mattress is 150 centimetres in width, 200 centimetres in length, and 20 centimetres in depth. King mattresses are available in a range of designs, made from the best fabric available in the UK. Selection of the ideal mattress can be a tough task this is where we step in to help you choose the best King Size Mattresses according to your needs, preferences, and budget. From softer to firmer options we will help you make the right choice to help you sleep well and relieve body pain.    

Various Types of King Size Mattresses

Divan Factory Outlet offers a wide range of affordable, durable, beneficial, and high-quality king size 5ft mattresses in the UK like.

Memory Foam

Divan factory outlets provide king size memory foam mattresses that are made with advanced technology designed to provide the user with the supreme sleeping experience. This UK-made prime mattress helps you sleep better by responding to your sleeping position and making you feel comfortable throughout the night.   

Pocket Sprung 

Divan Factory Outlet offers King size pocket sprung mattresses that are perfect for couples that tend to feel warm or hot due to overheating. These 5ft King Size Mattresses have temperature-regulating properties that ensure a comfortable and cool night’s sleep. Springs keep you steady and stable and keep the user's or partner's body weight uniformly distributed.  

Open Coil

Divan Factory Outlet gives its valuable customers the option of choosing one of the most affordable King Size Mattresses in the UK, making them best for those users who are looking for a budget-friendly mattress. Open coil mattresses are not only affordable but are made from top-quality materials to help the user sleep well all night long. These mattresses provide the user with the extra spinal support they need to alleviate back pain. 

Pillow Top

Divan Factory Outlet provides the ultimate softness and opulence of the 5ft pillow top King Size Mattress. These UK-crafted mattresses keep the user deeply cushioned and provide them with cosiness and comfort throughout the night. So the users that are looking for a soft cushioned deep slumber this is the mattress for them.  


Divan Factory Outlet offers durable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and organically sourced king-size latex mattresses that are high quality and provide superior comfort and support to the user. 

How much will an ideal King Size Mattress cost?

Divan Factory Outlet has a King Size Mattress available for everyone depending on what kind of mattress the user wants and their budget. Our store offers King Size Mattresses from £199.99 to £799.99. Get the best King Size Mattresses available in the United Kingdom here. 

Selection of King Size Mattresses in the UK 

Divan Factory Outlet offers a wide variety of King Size Mattresses in the UK, so selecting the best King Size Mattress depends on your sleeping preference and the support you want. If you like to sleep on your side then choose a mattress with plenty of cushioning look into a medium or soft comfort grade mattress that lets you sink in while getting the support your back needs. For users who like to toss and turn while sleeping a medium grade is perfect for them giving them a peaceful night’s sleep. For front or back sleepers, a 5ft mattress with a firm grade is the right choice for better spine and joint support providing you the ideal sleeping experience throughout the night.  

Buy Your Next King Size Mattress With Divan Factory Outlet

Divan Factory Outlet is the ideal platform for users to find a wide selection of bed bases such as the divan bed base or the ottoman bed base, as well as a variety of high-quality mattresses ranging from Small to Double to King Size and even Super King size. Divan Factory Outlet's luxurious King Size Mattresses are designed to provide excellent comfort and improve sleep quality. These top-quality and opulent mattresses ensure a blissful and deep slumber for the user. At Divan Factory Outlet, we offer you the flexibility to personalise your bed and mattress to fit your budget, requirements, and preferences. Whether you're looking for a specific size or firmness level, we've got you covered with the most extensive range of mattresses available in the UK. Take a look around and we'll make sure your customised order is delivered directly to you bringing you convenience at your doorstep hassle-free. Made exclusively in the United Kingdom, these products are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and fabrics, paying great attention to detail. Purchase your mattress from the Divan Factory Outlet for quick processing and expert 2-man delivery across the UK at no extra cost, making the setup easy and problem-free.

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