Top 10 Divan Bed Base With Storage Ideas

Top 10 Divan Bed Base With Storage Ideas

While organizing the things we all deal with the problem of space. It puts an unhealthy impression if the room is not properly set in order. If you are also struggling the same, then this blog will be beneficial for you because it is going to uncover the Top 10 Divan Bed Bases with Storage Ideas.

Switching to the divan bed base with storage options will give so many benefits. You can keep your essential items like clothes, gadgets, accessories, etc. that will help you to flawlessly adjust in the smaller room without creating new space. You can get the best Divan Bed base with amazing storage options from the Divan Factory Outlet UK. 

List Of Top 10 Divan Bed Bases with Storage Ideas

We have a list of the top divan Bed Bases with the best storage options that offer ultimate comfort and neat space.

Classic Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Are you looking for something that provides both comfort and elegance? Your search is over! This classic divan bed base is specially designed to meet the needs of comfort, that stays for a lifetime. It is constructed with high-quality timber wood, and the side and joints are combined to enhance the bed base's firmness and make it strong. 

Moreover, the bed base has optional storage drawers with enough space to keep your essentials under it. To make the bed base more exquisite, the finest quality anti-silk fabric plays an outstanding role. The dynamic color options are also available so you can select any color that matches your classic taste.

Tulip Divan Base

One of the most attractive and strong divan bed bases, constructed with top-quality wood indicates that the base will stay with your whole life. This super supportive bed base is available in all sizes from small single to Super King Sizes. The base also offers the drawers choice with significant space, to make your things organized and disciplined.

The silver chrome glides make the bed base more appealing and stylish. The headboards are specially made to make the perfect contrast with the bed base, creating an alluring look. Every time you see it, it reminds you it is a worthy purchase.

Royal Reinforced Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Welcome your dream bedroom, decorated with a beautiful base. Royal Reinforced Platform bed base is ready to elevate your room with its high-quality white timber, anti-slip fabric, and sparkling silver and chrome glides. The bed base comes with a variety of fabric and color options so that you can pick it for the perfect match.

Not enough space in the room to organize your things? Don't worry, this fabulous bed base has excellent storage drawers with the required space to keep your essentials in order, safe, and secure.

Dream Vendor Extra Deep Ottoman Storage Divan Bed Base

Introducing the splendid divan bed base that is crafted by Dream Vendor. It is specially designed with top-class white and a solid platform which means that it will last for years. The reinforced edges and joints strengthen the bed base as the silver chrome makes the base more decorative.

The bed base comes with a lift-off top that opens up from the sides offering you abundant storage space to keep your belongings. The bed base is 38cm tall and comes with a side lift option making it easier to access the space without compromising your comfort.

Royal Split Platform Top Divan Bed Base

The stunning divan bed base you are looking for is here! The bed base is specially designed for those who have a tight staircase or narrow entrance to get the bed inside the room. With its split feature, the bed base can easily be entered through limited spaces or tight doorways. It is made with the finest fabric, timber, and solid platform to create the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and longevity.

The anti-slip fabric helps to make the mattress more secure and adds a graceful touch to the overall base look. You also go for your favorite color as there are varieties of color options available. To solve your space problem, the base has under-bed storage drawer options that offer you plenty of space to keep your room assembled and delightful.

Westminster Victoria Divan Bed Base

You can call this bed base “All in one divine bed base”. The Westminster Victoria bed base is constructed with top-class white timber and comes with a 26” tall headboard. The base also features a solid platform to enhance longevity so that it can stay in your room forever. To provide the ultimate support to the mattress, the finest anti-fabric has a remarkable contribution.

Additionally, like another bed base, it also has gorgeous fabric, colors, and significant size options and you can desire and select that perfectly fits your lovely room. You can easily keep your things in the side drawers providing you the significant storage options.

Royal Cushioned Ottoman Storage Divan Bed Base

This Royal Low Divan Bed base comes with a great touch of classiness and elegance. The base features superior gas lift pistons that allow the base to lift open from the end, making it a seamless process for you to access the storage and place your essential stuff. The high-quality timber used to manufacture it is the main reason for its longevity.

The bed base is strategically designed to support all types of mattresses and will perfectly match all the headboards. As the name suggests the base includes stunning cushioning of padded sides, front, and top lid sides. Like above, a lot of fabric, colors, and size options are also available in this ravishing and comfortable bed base.

Dream Vendor Sprung Top Divan Bed Base 

Uhmm! We noticed that there is something missing in your bedroom and that is no other than this magnificent bed base! Dream Vendor Sprung Top Divan bed base is a masterful art that is designed to provide a high level of comfort and peaceful sleep. It is constructed with top-class white timber, ensuring the durability of your solaceful purchase. 

The base features silver chrome glider feet or castor wheels making it easier to shift and place it anywhere you want. The base offers wonderful storage options with two drawers to meet your organizational requirements. Keep your things under these drawers and stop saying  “ I do have not enough space in my room”

Orchard Divan Base

Attention please to this incredible bed base. This Orchard Divan Base is that base you cannot ignore for your bedroom. Specially manufactured with high-quality timber and comes in all UK sizes. This artistic piece also features anti-fabric to secure the mattress and also adds a touch of stylishness. Stop worrying about “ So many things to organize but less space”, because this bed base has the practical choice of drawer storage where you can easily keep your belongings to make your room clutter-free.

Lily Divan Base

Are you a disciplined lover and want your things flawlessly organized and clean? Then this bed base is a great pick for you. The Lily Divan base is 54 inches tall floor standing upholstered headboard comes with excellent storage options. The base has under-bed drawers that serve as effective spaces in which all your essentials can easily be settled and organized. It is manufactured with the finest timber to extend its durability whereas the platform's top ensures a comfortable supportive surface.

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Additionally, our divan bed base are designed to support any kind of mattress. The variety of color and size options is also available allowing you to select any choice that wins your heart and add a touch of luxury to your room decor.

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The blog aims to inform the reader about the Top 10 Divan Bed Bases with Storage Ideas. All these divan bed base is specially designed to provide an extreme level of comfort and support that is perfectly fit for any kind of mattress. You don’t have to face the problem of space because these bed bases offer awesome storage options as drawers where you can seamlessly keep your things in a well-mannered way without compromising with narrow space. 

Frequently asked question 

Q1: How can I purchase the best divan bed base with storage options?

Ans: You can purchase it online at Divan Factory Outlet UK.

Q2: Are they made with the good quality of wood?

Ans: Yes, all these bed bases are made with high-quality timber that ensures longevity.

Q3: How can I contact Divan Factory Outlet?

Ans; You can contact Divan Factory Outlet at 0204-548-5533 or email us at 

Q4: Are there any color options available for Dream Vendor Sprung Top Divan Bed Base?

Ans; Yes, varieties of color options are available for Dream Vendor Sprung Top Divan Bed Base, so that you can choose one that matches your room and mattress.

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