Top 10 Double Mattresses For Divan Ottoman Beds

Top 10 Double Mattresses For Divan Ottoman Beds

No one wants to compromise in their life. Whether it is a task or an outfit, human wants everything perfect. If we talk about proper sleep, how can someone ignore it? But only room, bed, and pillow are not enough for a peaceful sleep; a comfortable mattress is also essential. 

This blog will take you to the Top 10 Double Mattresses For Divan Ottoman Beds.

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List Of Top 10 Double Mattresses For Divan Ottoman Beds.

Royal 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress 

This type of mattress is beautifully designed using natural wool and cotton. They provide heavenly comfort with a generous layer of soft padding on both sides with a depth of 26 cm. The pocket spring is designed to deliver cozy and supreme comfort to your whole body. 3-row hand-crafted edge border and unique air vents for mattress breathability offer everlasting sleep support.

Walker and Slater 2000 pocket sprung pillow top mattress.

With a pillow top filled with natural wool and a 2” foam sheet, this mattress offers exclusive comfort for sleep. Your beautifully stitched and handcrafted border makes it a high-quality and durable bed. Gently designed with abundant padding, four carrier handles, and exquisite air vents enhance the strength of the mattress and do not make you feel any pressure on your body. As they are turntable, you can use it from both sides.

President 1500 pocket pillow top mattress 

It perfectly combines a high-count pocket spring and a 3” thick memory foam sheet pillow top. They are designed to free your body from pressure to enhance the user’s sleep. Like others, this type of mattress also has air vents and extraordinary pillow tops, making it more suitable and durable. One of the best features is that the fabric to craft the bed is imported high-quality chenille, adding more strength and a classic touch.

Dream Vendor pocket sprung memory mattress.

This mattress is stunning and offers instant support with a 3000-pocket sporting unit—feeling exhausted? We got you. You only have to use this mattress for a nap or sleep; its magical comfort will melt away all your stress and fatigue in a few minutes. It has a 2” deep layer of memory that looks like an egg tray to give you pressure-free solace. They also control the body’s pressure with a generous layer of wool fillings and high-quality fabric to make it more long-lasting. Make this purchase for the beautiful dreams in your sleep.

Dream Vendor Dorchester Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress 

With a depth of 26cm, the Dorchester Orthopaedic Sprung mattress is an exquisite mattress with a solid Orthopaedic spring unit. They are also becoming the top choice for users to select the perfect bed for incredible comfort and support. The remarkable filling and fully cushioned top make it more durable and distinguished from the others.

Walker and Slater Opencoil Sprung Memory Mattress

Moving forward, we are at our 6th mattress in the list of top 10 double bed mattresses. This mattress is double-sided, making it usable from both sides. It is 26cm deep, along with its 13.5 gauge Bonnel open coil spring unit. You may be glad for your sleep that the mattress is a dual season. On hot days, it will help to make your body cool by avoiding sweat, and in the winter season, this helps to provide warmth and comfort to your body. It would help if you prioritized it while buying the perfect mattress.

Dream Vendor Sensitive Sprung Latex Mattress

This mattress has unique properties of both latex and memory with a 2” deep layer of latex. From making it your relaxing space to transforming it into your workplace, it will provide the same comfort and support you wish from your bed. It stays cool and offers the required temperature to your body.

Walker and Slater high-density Evolution full foam Non-Spring Mattress 

This non-spring mattress is 20cm deep with properties of a dense foam base that offers extreme comfort and relaxation support. It is specially enveloped with the finest stretched fabric. The outstanding air vents are there to prevent moisture, making it more breathable and flawless for any sleeper.

Dream Vendor Contract Nautilis Crib 5 Waterproof Mattress 

As the name suggests, this mattress is completely waterproof and perfect for any use. With a depth of 18cm, this mattress also includes a Gauge open coil spring unit and wire rod to make it more robust and long-lasting. This mattress perfectly meets users’ needs by pampering them with comfort and support.

10 Walker and Slater Reflection Comfort Care Sprung Mattress 

Lastly, this mattress is the gateway to dreamy sleep. An excellent, comfortable, and high-quality fabric, this mattress covers the reflective memory foam bordering with a 12.5 gauge bonnel open coil spring unit. Unmatched air vents are specially crafted to freshen the bed and your sleep. The dual-side quality makes it usable for both sides.


This blog aims to inform you about the Top 10 Double Bed Mattress for Divan Ottoman Beds. All these mattresses are mainly designed to offer you an extreme level of comfort and support. Each has its quality, and the buyer can freely select that fits their convenience and space from one and only Divan Outlet Factory.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Mattresses For Divan Ottoman Beds
Q1: How can I buy a double bed mattress for the Divan Ottoman bed?

Ans: You can easily buy it online from the Divan Outlet Factory UK.

Q2: Are they budget-friendly?

Ans: The prices may vary according to the mattress type you want. Well, most of the mattresses are budget-friendly.

Q3: How many days will it take to deliver?

Ans: Your mattress will be delivered in 3-10 working days after you place an order.

Q4: Can they prevent moisture and control the body temperature? 

Ans: Each mattress has exceptionally designed air vents to make it more airy and regulate the body temperature.

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