The Wizard of Furniture - Divan Bed Base

The Wizard of Furniture - Divan Bed Base - Divan Factory Outlet

Have you ever been in a situation where you have just relocated, and you have some guests over that want you to give them a house tour but you hesitate to show them your bed space because of all the things you have stuffed under it? Nothing to be ashamed of, it is very common for people to stuff things below their beds when they have no room left to store them but for some reason, they do not want to dispose of them either. While it may seem very messy, people think that it may be the only possible solution. What if we propose to you an alternative to that? Yes, there is a very good fix to this specific problem. 

Divan Bed Base, we’ve all come across the term at some point but never paid attention to it. Well, it’s time to know what it is and what is its purpose!

They’re Storage Wizards! 

Who wouldn’t like a bed that has secret compartments? We’ve all been there, there is no denying it. We have all come across furniture that has multiple functionalities and have thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be great to own such a piece of furniture? That dream of yours can now become a reality with a bed that has massive storage capacity as per your requirement and what better news than the fact that IT IS ALL HIDDEN!

What’s Your Lucky Number?

Three, is it? Well, it does not matter because there is no limitation with a Divan base! The whole purpose of it is to provide you with storage drawers, it is now up to you how you plan on dividing it! Divan-style beds come with a variety of storage boxes. The most commonly opted are 2-4 drawers, however, it is all on you. You can get drawers as per your requirement, really. There is no restriction to it.

Bed Base or A Mini Car?

You would be wondering why compare a piece of furniture to a car. Sounds pretty weird, doesn’t it? Well, the resemblance is kind of uncanny. It is not exactly a car; the bed does not consist of an engine of course but it does have tires! The main purpose of it is to make it easier for you to move it whenever required. You wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of all the lifting and disassembling anymore. Pretty cool feature to have, isn’t it?

Easier to Assemble Than a Lego!

The name of the product might seem scary at first glance and it might feel like a lego that requires patience and time to build but guess what? You’re wrong! The bed is not at all hard to put together. In fact, it takes only a few minutes to bring it all together into one piece. The Divan-style beds come in one or two parts depending on your bed type and it is a piece of cake to assemble!

Custom Personalization 

Whether it is the size of the bed, the fabric color, or the finish options, headboard or no headboard. The possibilities for the personalization of this bed are endless! There is no limitation or restriction to what type the bed can be and what it cannot be, you can put your creativity to the test and have it designed just as you desire it! The end result will never be disappointing!

Little to No Extra Space Consumption

While it has many perks that are overpowering, allow us to add another to the list. It does not consume a lot of space compared to the number of features it offers! It might seem unbelievable but it is a fact and one main reason Divan bases are so popular. They do offer extra storage however, they do not consume extra space making your room look all spick and span!

Sturdy and Comfortable!

The idea of having a bed that has a ton of storage space under it might seem uncomfortable and give off the idea that the bed has a possibility of breaking easily. Let us bust that myth for you, Divan beds are constructed using rigid frames that are covered in fabric making it a very durable and long-lasting product. The frame also is built in a way that it has a solid platform top or springs constructed in the bed base to offer some extra bounce and comfort. The bases are designed to offer heavy-duty support making it clear that they are no doubt a product worth the cash!

While some may think of it as a product that is not worth much, we suggest otherwise. If you are looking for a bed that is going to benefit you for multiple purposes and is durable, so it lasts a long time, Divan Bed Bases are the way to go! 

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