Single Divan Beds Available in UK Market

Single Divan Beds Avialable in UK Market

Beds are not only a piece of furniture but also a part of our sleep, comfort, and home decor. Choosing a perfect bed set for your living space and ultimate comfort can be a challenging activity. But why worry if we are here? If you are in search of the best beds then this blog is for you. It will explain to you about the finest Single Divan Beds Available in UK Market.

Single Divan bed sets are mostly compact as compared to other Divan bed sets. It is usually used by unmarried users, teenagers who live in separate rooms, etc. The size of the single bed usually remains 90 cm, 190 cm, and 35.5 cm (Width, Length, and Height). The single bed set is easy to place as it covers less space. In this blog, you will know some of the best single divan bed sets that have several advantages.

List Of Single Divan Beds Available in UK Market Divan Factory Outlet UK.

The following is a complete list of Single Divan Beds Available in UK Market that you can easily buy from Choose Divan Factory Outlet UK

Westminster Buckingham Divan Bed Set

You can define this bed set in two words” Just Elegant”. Westminster Buckingham bed set includes a gorgeously designed upholstered 26” tall headboard and preassembled footboard, to make a beautiful contrast with fabric and color. It is crafted with top-quality white timber and solid sides.

Super strong corners that enhance the durability of the bed set. The bed set features anti-slip top fabric to secure any mattress and provide ultimate comfort. Drawer options are also available to offer you significant space to store your essential items. Not only in single, but this bed set also has other sizes options.

Walker & Slater Open Coil Dual Season Divan Bed Set

Another stunning single-bed set that is readily available in UK market; is the Walker & Slater Open Coil Dual Season Divan Bed Set. The bed base is specially made with high-class white timber. Strong corners are the reason why this bed set will stay for years.

You can choose any type of mattress for your beautiful bed set without making any extra adjustments because the anti-slip top fabric is here to support and secure all the mattresses. As in the name, this bed set has the dual season feature ensuring that it will provide you desired comfort in both winter and hot seasons. It also comes up with an excellent choice of fabrics, other sizes, vibrant colors, and incredible storage options.

Dream Vendor Imperial Pocket Sprung Divan Bed Set

You cannot miss out on this single divan bed for your room and premium solace experience. You don't have to worry about its durability because the bed base is made with high-quality wood that adds more strength and ensures its longevity.  The bed set includes the imperial 2000 pocket spring mattress which is 18 cm deep and is covered with lavish filling.

The classic design of the bed set makes it perfect to fit in any room. Moreover, the Dream Vendor Imperial Pocket Sprung Divan set also comes with many color options so that the user can select one that matches their room and taste. Not only single, the others sizes like small single, king size, double etc are also available.

Walker & Slater Backcare Divan Bed Set

Welcome to the room where something graceful was waiting for you! Walker & Slater Backcare Divan bed set, your supportive and dreamy comfort partner,  is specially crafted with the finest quality timber to ensure sturdiness and longevity whereas the platform top offers a smooth supportive surface. If you are suffering from a back problem, then this bed set will work as a treatment for you.

The bed set comes with a matching headboard to give a classic look to the overall bed set. One of the amazing features that this bed includes is an anti-slip top fabric to keep your mattress secure and fit. Say goodbye to “ I don't have space” because this exclusive bed set also has drawers where you can easily organize your goods to make your room tidy and disciplined.

Dream Vendor Bamboo Pocket Sprung Latex Divan Bed Set 

Are you looking for an extreme level of comfort that also adds a cohesive look to your room? Stop finding it because it's already here! This bed set is known to fulfill the comfort desires of any kind of sleeper. The bamboo mattress on this bed set has 1000 pocket spring units with ample polyester fillings. Topped with a broad layer of latex for additional support and comfort.

The unique feature of this divan bed that sets it apart from the others is that it is crafted with bamboo. Bamboo helps to keep the bed set fresh and alluring by avoiding moisture. This stunning bed set also has drawers so that if there is less space in your room to keep your goods in order, you can easily place them in these drawers without compromising in the tight space.

Walker & Slater Princess Pocket Sprung Divan Bed Set

Introducing the aesthetic piece - Walker & Slater Princess Pocket Sprung Divan Bed Set. Strategically constructed with top-notch quality white timber to provide you the long-lasting comfort for decades. The bed set comes with a headboard to make a charming match to the overall look. Like whenever you enter your room you will not stop adoring this artistic divan bed set.

Do not forget to say thanks to the silver chrome glides to make it more luxurious. The bed set also comes with attractive options of fabrics and colors. You can choose one that matches your convenience. Additionally, the bed set is also available in all UK Sizes like small single, double, king size, etc. You can make your comfortable space in any size that is flawlessly adjusted to your living space.


The blog aims to provide information to the readers about the Divan Beds Available in the UK Market. All the above single divan bed sets are specially manufactured with white timber to ensure a long-lasting comfortable experience for the users. These bed sets come with an outstanding choice of colors, fabrics, and sizes. To keep your essential items like clothes, accessories, etc. well organized, drawer options are also available to offer you the required space in your room. Visit our website Divan Factory Outlet UK for more details.

Why Choose Divan Factory Outlet UK for Single Divan Beds 

Divan Factory holds the first platform when it comes to delivering world-class Divan bed sets, mattresses, accessories, Divan & ottoman bases, etc. to their customers. Our main goal is to offer a delightful sleeping experience to any kind of sleeper at affordable costs. Each piece is creatively designed by our hardworking and skilled team by keeping minor details in mind, ensuring you the magical comfort that stays forever.

We are committed to offering the best divan bed sets with a 2-year warranty. To make your clutter-free, the finest storage options are also available to place your goods in order without adjusting in limited space. Apart from that, our divan bed bases are crafted to support any kind of mattress. A wide range of color and size options is also available allowing you to select any choice that matches your charming space.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Single Divan Beds
Q1: Are there any color options available for the Walker & Slater Backcare Divan Bed Set?

Ans: Yes, a variety of color options are available for the Walker & Slater Backcare Divan Bed Set so that the customer can choose one that perfectly fits their room.

Q2: How can I purchase the best Single Divan Beds?

Ans: You can easily buy it online at Divan Factory Outlet UK.

Q3: Do these bed sets have drawers to keep the items?

Ans: Yes, all these bed sets have drawers where you can easily keep your things.

Q4:  Can I purchase Dream Vendor Imperial Pocket Sprung Divan Bed Set in King Size?

Ans: Yes, other UK sizes like Small Single, Double, King size, etc. are also available in this bed set and you can easily buy it from one and only Divan Factory Outlet UK.

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