Single Divan Base Vs Double Divan Base: Which to Choose?

Single Divan Base Vs Double Divan Base: Which to Choose?

The bed base is a very crucial component of the overall bed set. It should be both strong as well as stylish. The divan bed base comes in many sizes including Single and Double. If you are struggling to find the best divan base, then this blog is for you. It will explain the detailed factors about Single Divan Base vs. double Divan Base: Which to Choose

Both the divan bed base offers an extreme level of comfort and a relaxing experience. The uses of these bed bases vary on the kind of sleepers. In practical, the main difference between both of them is their “ Size”. You will get more information after reading this blog.

Single Divan Base Vs Double Divan Base: Which to Choose

Before we proceed let’s know about the difference between the size, uses, and adjustment of a Single Divan Base and a Double Divan Base, so that you can choose accordingly.


Single Divan base: The Single Divan Bed Base size is smaller than the other bed base including the Double Divan Base, but larger than the Small Single Divan base. The measurements of this type of base usually remain between 90cm*190cm* 35.5cm in Width, Length, and height respectively. In crisp, Single Divan Base is 3ft in size.

Double Divan Base: The Double Divan Bed Base is often larger than the other type of Divan Base, but smaller than the King Size and Super King Divan Base. The dimensions are 135cm* 190cm* 35.5 cm in Width, Length, and Height respectively.


Single Divan base: Because of its compact size it is preferred by teenagers, single users, and sleepers who do not require enough space to expand their bodies for sleep. If you are also one of them, then this single divan base will be the best option for you.

Double Divan Base: As we shared above, the double divan base is larger in size than the small divan base. This base is trending among couples who do not cover much space while sleeping, single users who require more space to adjust their bodies, people who sleep with kids, etc. This bed will be an insane choice for you if you are any of them.

Required Area

Single Divan Base: A single divan base can be easily adjusted in the room because it doesn’t require enough space to cover the area. This bed base is the perfect fit for users who have compact rooms and want a bed base that does not demand much space.

Double Divan Base: A Double Divan Base demands more space than a single divan base. If your room is big this bed base will be easily adjusted and cover the required area.

Tips Before Purchasing A Divan Bed Base Of Any Size

  • Whenever you are buying a divan base, make sure that the size of the divan base is as same as the size of the mattress. If you have double size matters choose Double Divan Base, if the size of the mattress is single, then select Single Divan Base. It will help to avoid inappropriate gaps or adjustments in tight spaces so that you can enjoy a restful sleep.
  • The bed base should be constructed with high-quality timber, that will add strength and enhance longevity.
  • Are you struggling to organize your essentials in a narrow space? Here is a tip that you are looking for. Always choose that divan bed base that has in-built storage drawers. They will offer you plenty of space in which you can easily store your goods like clothes, accessories, etc. in a seamless way.
  • Bed base comes in many designs, fabrics, and alluring colors. Try to select the divan bed base that will flawlessly fit your mattress and your charming bedroom.
  • If you are interested in using headboards, be careful that the divan base design and color perfectly create a contrast with the headboard. It will complete the overall aesthetic look of the bed.
  • No matter which size of Divan Base, you prefer, always keep in mind that it should be from a trustworthy and reputable brand. So that in the future, if your bed base fails to meet the needs of your comfort, then you can contact them to solve the issue.
  • Check before purchasing, if it is easy to assemble and install. The easily assembled and installed features of the divan bed base will help to adjust it and take it anywhere in your living area wherever you want.
  • Always pay attention to how maximum the weight of your divan bed base is. The maximum weight of the base is considered the perfect quality because it will help to provide a superior level of comfort to both partners.

List Of The Best Single Divan Base and Double Divan Base

Here is a list of some of the best divan bases that not only come in Single and Double Size, but also in Small Single, King Size, and Super King Size, and give them access to the users to choose that perfectly matches their lifestyle, room, and comfort.

Dream Vendor Extra Deep Storage Divan Bed Base

Made with top-class timber, to enhance longevity, this Dream Vendor Extra Deep Divan Bed Base offers significant storage space in which you can easily organize your essentials. The strong 600-new gas pistons are used to lift up the bed top from one side to give you significant storage options. The solid platform is covered with excellent anti-slip fabric that will help to secure any kind of mattress, ensuring your ultimate comfort.

Royal Reinforced Platform Top Divan Bed Base

This stylish and alluring bed base is constructed with sturdy white timber, which means that it will last for a decade. For additional strength, it is reinforced at all the edges, top, joints, and corners. This bed base has the outstanding capacity to lift 75 stones including the mattress and offers a restful sleeping experience.  Don’t forget to say thanks to the silver chrome glides on the bed base to give an aesthetic look to the overall base.

Classic Platform Top Divan Bed Base

To ensure durability, this divan bed base is specially constructed with top-quality timber. Are you tired of adjusting your things in a narrow space? Don’t worry, this bed base also has drawers so that you can place and pick your goods in your comfort and without compromising with the space. The base also featured anti-slip top fabric to secure and support any kind of mattress. It includes a 20” tall, beautifully designed matching headboard to make the bed base more appealing.


The blog aims to inform the readers about the Single Divan Base vs. Double Divan Base: Which to Choose. We have discussed the difference between both of them from size to required area. Additionally, the tips before purchasing any kind of bed base so that the customer can enjoy an exquisite sleeping experience without any adjustments. You can easily buy any size of divan base online from Divan Factory Outlet UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I buy the best Single Divan Base and Double Divan Base?

Ans: You can easily buy any size of divan base including Single Divan Base and Double Divan Base online from Divan Factory Outlet UK.

Q2: What is the size of the Single Divan Base?

Ans: The size of a Single Divan Base is 90cm*190cm* 35.5cm in Width, Length, and height respectively.

Q3: How can I contact Divan Factory Outlet UK?

Ans; You can contact us by dialing 0204-548-5533 or drop your queries at

Q4: What are the tips for buying the best Divan Bed base?

Ans: Before purchasing the bed base, you should be careful about the size, drawer options, matching headboard, and many more that will perfectly fit your comfort and room. 

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