Low Storage but Can’t Let Go of Things? Get Our Ottoman Storage Beds

Low Storage but Can’t Let Go of Things? Get Our Ottoman Storage Beds - Divan Factory Outlet

What do we do if we have a ton of things to store but no room for excessive furniture or a spare room to store without making the house cluttered? This question has many people going around in spirals as this is a very common problem we all face. It is only human to buy anything and everything that you like or find appealing but realize later, you have no place to store it. What could be a possible solution to that problem? The answer is simple. Ottoman storage beds! 

Let us explain to you their mechanics and how they can be very helpful through this blog.

Different Types of Accessibilities

In case you may think you are bound to a specific type of bed storage, you’re mistaken! These beds come with different accessibility options depending on your preference or room space. Let us enlist the different types of openings for better clarity:

  • End Lift: This is the category that allows a person to access storage from the foot-end of the bed. It allows easy access to both sides of the bed storage by lifting just one end and this is what mostly comes to mind when we hear about this bed type. While it might indeed be the most common type and is mostly preferred, it isn’t the only option.
  • Half Lift: The half lift bed isn’t very common however, it is the best option for small rooms with slant ceilings or mainly just people who do not require a lot of storage space but like the idea of having hidden storage. This bed type is perfectly designed to increase storage in rooms that are shaped awkwardly.
  • Side Lift: Side lift beds are the best option to go with if you have limited space in your room that allows access to only one side of the bed. This category can be used for a room that allows access to one side of the bed or if you just find the side lift a little more appealing. 

Liberty to Choose a Design as per Your Requirement 

When we say that you have the liberty to choose a design as per your requirement, it covers all aspects. You can choose whatever size of the bed suits you best and you can also decide whether you want a headboard with it or not. With this furniture, you’re not bound to choose a specific type. You have a variety of options which include a single bed, double bed, king-size bed, or even a super king-sized bed! Since it is now a trend to have beds with no headboards, it is the perfect option to opt for. 

Mattress Compatibility (It’s An Essential)

One may think compatibility is required only in different relationships (pun intended) however, we believe that mattress compatibility is also essential for maintaining not just a good aesthetic of the room but also getting a perfect sleep. Some options that are mostly preferred are memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

Durability & Comfort

We have a myth buster for you! Though the idea of the bed might sound like it would be highly uncomfortable, it is quite the opposite. The design itself is evidence of how sturdy the bed is which answers your question about durability. They are not only comfortable but also very durable and are a perfect investment in the long run. 

How it Works

Most people have questions about how the bed works. Are we to do all the heavy lifting to access the storage space? That doesn’t sound very good now, does it? While it is somewhat true, let us tell you that you do not have to make all the effort in lifting the bed. The bed works on the principle of pistons or gas struts which mainly depend on the mattress weight to open or close. All you have to do is give it a little push!

Immense Storage Space

The option that these beds are loved for is the immense storage space that they offer! If you have a lot of things that you can not let go of but also do not have the space to keep them, Ottoman beds are the way to go! They provide a lot of storage along with the options of storage that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Lastly, Is it Worth the Money?

While the results speak for themselves, we’ll still answer the question for you and it is a pretty evident ‘YES’. Comfort, durability, and extra storage. What’s not to like? An Ottoman Storage Bed is the perfect investment to make as it has a ton of advantages and is the perfect option for people with low space but a bunch of things!

When it comes to furniture, Ottoman Storage beds are a piece that stands out for all the right reasons. These types of beds were once commonly used, and it's easy to see why. The Ottomans who created them certainly knew what they were doing and gave us a piece of furniture that remains a perfect and ideal addition to any home. 

At Diwans, we offer a wide selection of Ottoman Storage beds to suit any taste and budget. Our expert team can help you choose the perfect one for your needs and ensure that it is delivered and installed to your satisfaction.

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