How to Get Rid of Old Bed and Mattress? 5 Disposal Options

How to Get Rid of Old Bed and Mattress? 5 Disposal Options - Divan Factory Outlet

When replacing your old bed and mattress a common issue that we all face is related to bed and mattress disposal. This especially becomes a problem in how to get rid of old beds and  

mattresses when you live in a flat or apartment. There are various ways to get rid of beds and mattresses in the UK so you don’t need to worry about that. Below are some available options while you live in the UK to dispose of an old bed and mattress in a proper way. 

Check for Replacement Options 

Before you look to get rid of the mattress, find and look for replacement options. Some companies do offer replacement options, where you can give an old mattress and get a brand-new mattress by paying a difference. This option is not available for all regions but is still worth looking at. Another option is to check the warranty of your mattress. Companies offer a lifetime warranty for their products while selling them if it's not working properly. Start the warranty claiming process this way you can avoid buying a new mattress completely. 

Look for Recycling or Repurposing 

While thinking in an environment-friendly approach, first of all, we have to look for ways to avoid ways that end our items in landfills. Most DIY enthusiasts know ways to use old and useless items for repurposing. On the contrary, the recycling approach is best in case your bed or mattress is not in a good condition. Metal springs, foam, and cloth can be recycled from your mattress. The wood from the bed can also be recycled into new plywood. 

Try to Cashout by Selling Mattress & Bed 

If the bed or mattress is in good condition, then it's the best option to sell it for cash. There are many online classified platforms available in the UK market which you can use according to your ease. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to transport the items to the buyer's location, it’s their responsibility.  

The most popular names in classified markets include Gumtree and eBay. Try to fill in all the important information including contact number, location, and most importantly fresh pictures. Some platforms are paid while others are free. 

The price of your bed and mattress depends on the condition, brand, model, and size. You can check the market rates by checking other ads available on different platforms. This way you can get an idea about the market value of your old mattress and bed. 

Donating to Eligible Firm 

If you are well settled and don’t bother about small money, then think about donating an old bed and mattress. There are multiple options for donating, you can select anyone from your circle. This way you can provide the comfort of a decent bed frame to people who are just thinking to achieve the goal of buying a bed for a long. This way you can get rid of old beds and mattresses while keeping them in an environment-friendly way. 

Another way is to find a charity firm that accepts bed and mattress disposals. Not all charities will take such huge items, as they don’t have storage. Some popular names are; 

  • British Red Cross 
  • Mustard Tree 
  • Oxfam 
  • British Hear Foundation 

But not all local branches accept beds and mattresses from charity, be aware of this fact. You can double-check this with your local branch before actually taking your items with you. 

Use Expert Disposal Services 

This is a paid option but offers comfort and hassle-free instant mattress and bed disposal option. There are many companies available that offer professional and expert solutions. We will not mention anyone specific company here. You can filter out any specific company from the available list on the basis of multiple performing factors. This includes but is not limited to checking customer reviews, pricing of service, what they do with disposal, etc. 

Wrapping Up 

In last when looking for ways how to get rid of old bed and mattresses, we would recommend that you go for environment-friendly options. As we have to care for our planet for the welfare of mankind. Donating is the best option, as this way you can make a deed, and still, the item is underused by someone rather than going to a landfill. 

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