Ottoman Storage Base Can Help Out with Bedroom Space Problems 

Ottoman Storage Base Can Help Out with Bedroom Space Problems  - Divan Factory Outlet

People are now dealing with tight space problems in bedrooms. Therefore, the furniture industry must adapt to market needs and demands. Ottoman Storage Base beds can help anyone dealing with small bedrooms with storage problems. At DivanFactoryOutlet we offer a variety of formats and designs with different fabrics and even color options. The best bed offering maximum storage in the market is the Ottoman Base bed. 

What Options are Available in Under Bed Storage? 

The most popular options for under-bed storage includes Divan Beds and Ottoman Beds. We will try to cover both types for people new to these terms. Ottoman Bed bases are manufactured while keeping in mind to get maximum storage space. No matter whether you are buying a standard Ottoman double bed or an Ottoman king-size bed. You will get the base mostly hollow and available for placing your items. The upper lid is either openable from the sides or front. Hydraulics are in place with hinges to help you open the lid along with the mattress without any hassle. In short, the storage space you get with the Ottoman bed base will surely surprise you. 

On the contrary, the Divan bed base comes with drawers either in pairs on both sides or just a single drawer on one side. But unlike the Ottoman bed base, you cannot store bulky items under the Divan bed. As it only offers drawers that allow only small items or just apparel and clothing items. Although it's quick to open and close a drawer it also comes with low storage space. Both Divan and Ottoman bed storage bases help you to fight bedroom space issues and storage problems. 

Which Items you Can Store with Ottoman Storage Base? 

There is no limit on what type of material you can store under your Ottoman storage base. But most commonly people store items related to bedding including blankets, comforters, pillows, etc. On the other hand, bedrooms with tight spaces use this under-bed storage as a replacement for a wardrobe. In such cases, people often store clothes, shoes, suitcases, towels and all other items one can find in a bedroom closet. 

Each Ottoman Storage base has different dimensions. So, before buying any Ottoman bed make sure that the items you want to store under the bed hood will fit in easily. The most important thing to look for is the height of the storage compartment. Some Ottoman beds offer shallow storage bases while others do not. 

As the space is not visible and out of children's reach, this is a perfect place to store important items like jewelry, cash, documents, etc. As we mentioned earlier gas-operated hydraulics helps to put minimal effort or muscles during the opening and closing of the lid. 

Opening Options with Your Choice 

With an Ottoman storage bed, there are multiple opening options available. Tight-space bedrooms have an inherent problem related to opening the lid and sometimes with entry exit of big items. Thus, we at DivanFactoryOutlet provide multiple options for lid opening. The most popular models include Side lift ottoman beds and End lift ottoman beds. The end lift option is most suitable with almost ninety percent of bedrooms as there is no need to manage side tables anywhere else. However, side lift design works in places where you have no space available at bed foot. In both designs, the hood is openable without removing the mattress. 

Buying an Ottoman Bed Base 

Well, all the above tips help a lot to reach a decision-making point. At Divan Factory Outlet we have a variety of options and designs available to match your bedroom needs and structure. With years of experience, you can trust our expertise. While all the Ottoman storage bases & other bedding products we offer come with a 1-year warranty. This helps you to get peace of mind and have trust in our bedding items. Customers keep turning to us to upgrade their storage bed frames due to the confidence they have in our manufacturing process. Our in-house team of experts helps us to deliver quality at competitive prices. We are open to custom orders along with a ready-to-deliver Ottoman bedding range. 

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