Ottoman Beds: Everything you need to know before buying 

Ottoman Beds: Everything you need to know before buying  - Divan Factory Outlet

We live in an era, where our needs for things are increasing and storage space is shrinking. We’ve got everything in our homes, it leaves a little room for new things. In this situation, ottoman beds intend to solve the storage problem.  

An Ottoman bed is a storage bed that can store anything from pillows to blankets. Unlike other storage beds, these beds are modern looking and add style to your room. They are also easy to lift because of the hydraulic mechanism. 

So, in this article, we will cover everything you need to know before getting an ottoman divan bed. We will also try to clear your misconceptions about storage beds. 

Available Size 

Like standard beds, ottoman beds are available in various sizes. Usually, ottoman beds are available in twin, twin XL, queen, king, and super king sizes. Make sure you choose the size of the bed according to the dimensions of your room.  

If you have a bigger room, then you can have a king-size bed. The storage space also varies with the size of the bed. A king-size bed has a larger storage area than a queen-size bed. 

Since you have got storage in the form of ottoman beds, you don’t need to keep any other storage items anymore. This is how ottoman beds create space for newer things in the room. All the space an ottoman bed will consume provides you the storage for your extra items.  

Types of Ottoman Beds 

There are different types of these beds depending on the side they open from. Usually, there are three types of openings in ottoman beds. These are side lifts, end lifts, and half lifts. All these three beds have different uses.  

A side lift bed opens from one of its sides, so you can store your things easily there. Storage is divided into two sections. These beds are good for smaller spaces where you don’t have access to one storage space. Side lifts beds come in all sizes e.g. twin, queen, king, etc. 

An end lift ottoman bed opens from its end and it is also a multi-storage space bed. It gives you access to both sides of the storage. End lift beds only come in three sizes: twin, twin XL, and king size.  

A half-lift ottoman bed comes with two storage options: one in the form of drawers and one as under-bed storage. These are good for bedrooms with limited space. These beds also come in all sizes ranging from twin to king-size beds. 

How Durable are Ottoman Beds? 

In terms of durability, there’s no bed with such features as an ottoman bed. Unlike other durable beds, it’s modern and multi-functional. That’s what makes ottoman beds a great choice for you. 

An Ottoman bed can last for years, provided you take good care of it. Its sturdiness and strength allow it to bear a wide range of weight. You can extend its life by using a suitable mattress.  

Though you can use any type of mattress with it. But still, some mattresses are more compatible with it than others. We have a variety of mattresses according to the type of bed. You can contact us to get a suitable mattress for your ottoman beds.  

Buy from Divan Factory Outlet 

I hope our guide has cleared much of your doubts regarding ottoman beds. Still, if there are any, you can contact us. We will clear every doubt in your mind about ottoman beds. 

Divan Factory Outlet offers ottoman beds at a reasonable price with a home delivery service. We also offer a warranty on ottoman beds for up to 1 year. We have these beds available in every size ranging from twin to super king-size beds. Besides, we've got mattresses, headboards, and other accessories related to ottoman beds. 

These beds will be delivered to your home in 3-7 working days. If you face any problem and want to return it, then make sure you do it before 14 days of delivery. You can also contact us if you want us to assemble and recycle it. Contact us now so that we start preparing your order right away. 

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